Miami teacher: ‘I love’ lessons on iPod

From the Miami Herald, Friday, November 9:

At Auburndale Elementary in Miami, Yahaira Rufin has her first-graders use iPod touches and digital players for reading exercises in a pilot program with Innovations for Learning, a group in Illinois that focuses on digital learning and online tutoring. The pilot expanded this year to kindergarten and first-grade classrooms in nine struggling schools, and the school district bought 580 devices, according to Innovations for Learning.

With the players, Rufin’s students listen to a text and read along in a booklet. With the iPod touch, they work on drills, like frequently seen words. “I love it because not only do you see the kids, and they’re so enthusiastic, but I know it’s controlled by me,” Rufin said.

The excerpt is part of a story describing the growing use of cell phones, laptops and tablets in the Miami-Dade school district, which has instituted a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy as a way to get today’s technology into classrooms at little cost.

We’ll have more about BYOD in future posts.

The Herald story, by reporter Laura Isinsee, is well worth your time.


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