“You have to work harder and smarter and develop new skills faster”

Source: AP

Thomas Friedman has a  strong column in Sunday’s New York Times about the growing need, not just for people to become educated, but to continuously re-educate themselves.

The “old world is gone,” Friedman writes. “It is now a more open system. Technology and globalization are wiping out lower-skilled jobs faster, while steadily raising the skill level required for new jobs. More than ever now, lifelong learning is the key to getting into, and staying in, the middle class.”

He adds, “If we ever get another stimulus it has to focus, in part, on getting more people more education. The unemployment rate today is 4.1 percent for people with four years of college, 6.6 percent for those with two years, 8.8 percent for high school graduates, and 12.0 percent for dropouts.”

Want to succeed today? “You have to work harder and smarter and develop new skills faster.”

If today’s adults are finding it harder than ever to keep up with the modern-day workplace, think of the disadvantages facing today’s kids who are unable to read. How much less prepared will they be for the world that’s taking shape?

At a time when much of the electorate is focused on budget-cutting, we can’t lose sight of how crucial it is that our kids can read — and that they thereby have some fighting chance in today’s America.

Read Friedman’s column here.




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